Get Trusty Taxi App in Poreč

Trusty Taxi is the best Taxi App in Poreč. Download the app, sit back and relax. It is time to enjoy your ride.

If you are staying in Porec and need a hassle free ride to get to a bar, restaurant, market even just to have a glass of wine, Trusty Taxi is your perfect choice. Why worry? You will not need to find a parking spot, remember to top up the parking ticket and worry if you that you left your car unattended or in a no parking zone. Download the App now and let Trusty Taxi take you where you want.

Some of the benefits you will discover in our App:

-Easy registration

-Fare estimation

-Live tracking

-Trip history

-Driver rating

-Pay in cash or credit card

-Reliable prices and best service

We would be glad to see you among our clients.

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